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We design, develop and maintain websites that work as part of an integrated marketing solution. Whether you require a brand new site or wish to upgrade your existing one, the experts at Stormbox have the knowledge and creativity to make your site stand out and work hard.

Your website can become the high-tech, hard-working hub of your integrated marketing and advertising communications strategy. By enabling and inviting greater customer interaction, we can strengthen the relationship between your product or service and your customers.

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Web design

We design websites. To produce a great website design requires experience, a logical mind, creativity and out of the box thinking. Our UX and UI team possesses all of these qualities which means that every project we work on employs an intimate knowledge of both our client and their customers.

This allows us to craft designs that bridge the gap between the client and their customer and leads to effective and notable business results.

Backup, backup and backup again

As the old saying goes; You can never have too many backups.

Ok, there is no saying like that, but there should be. Our backup solution allows us to take backups throughout the day.

We temporarily store these backups for 24 hours to allow for emergency disaster recovery, as well as taking the industry standard daily backups stored on a 7 day cycle.

As an extra level of security a weekly backup is taken and archived for 30 days. That’s three separate backups to ensure your data is always protected.

Web development

We develop websites and web applications. This is an art in itself. Our team has a range of web development experience that allows us to craft versatile and effective web systems that are technically robust, headache free and reliable, regardless of the circumstance.

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E-commerce solutions

It starts and ends with your customers. For them to buy from you online requires trust; it requires assurance that your website and business are reputable and that they can exchange securely and safely. On top of creating confidence to buy, is our expertise and ability to increase conversion rates and sales for your business. With experience across a multitude of platforms, we implement solutions for our clients e-commerce needs that are right for them and drive measurable results.

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Mobile apps

We design and build mobile and tablet applications. Most of our work focuses on both the Android and iOS platforms due to the uptake and reach these platforms have achieved in the Australian market. With great technical and design expertise on board, the main challenge with apps is designing immersive, logical and clear experiences for the end users. Having an intimate understanding of how users interact with their mobile and tablet devices is essential to crafting apps that drive results for our clients businesses.

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Mobile & responsive

Responsive design allows for the development of websites and other web applications to be optimised across devices (mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop). This is especially critical in this day and age where mobile web browsing percentages increase every year. Our responsive design expertise sees us create visually stimulating, smooth and effective online interactions across all devices on the market today, underpinned by great user experience.

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Content management systems

Having a user friendly back-end to manage your system is essential for ease of system management. There is nothing worse than having a system you are uncomfortable with to manage your online business. We have experience across a range of CMS platforms (most are open source) including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and more. Our suggestions for CMS selection are based entirely on our understanding of how our clients intend to use their systems.

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Google Analytics

Analytics offers great insight into how people are interacting with your digital platforms. We set up Analytics on each of our projects, if it isn’t already in place, and we use this insights to make informed alterations to the website or app in order to achieve results such as increased purchase conversion rates and driving people to more sections of the website.

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Premium hosting

Many digital agencies offer a hosting solution and many of them provide an adequate service, but adequate is never good enough at Stormbox.

We’re very proud of our premium hosting and we’d like to take a minute just to explain what we do, and how we do it.

Real vs. Virtual

The internet is a rapidly changing place, and to keep up you have to be flexible in your approach.

The idea of a physical computer running websites has been around for a long time, and for that time it was the best approach, but things change and virtualisation of servers is now not only viable but cost-effective and reliable.

We host all of our servers in a dedicated virtual environment (VPA) virtual private server.

User experience

Great user experience is born from a fanatical obsession with both form and function. On every project, we ensure that your customer or client is hooked from the start and that your online presence is tailored to the way your audience interacts online, leading to a smooth and seamless experience and great ROI.

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Monitor all the things

No matter how resilient our systems are you can never account for everything. Many of the elements of the internet are out of our control, such as root DNS servers and the massive fibre networks that run most of the internet.

Any issues with a site are immediately past to our experienced development team to analyse and fix.

Our premium hosting service is exclusive to existing and new clients we build websites for, we do not offer our premium hosting service as separate service.